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Outdoor Perimeter Alarm installation

  • Feel Safe at Home
  • Know when someone step foot on Your property
  • Rated best solution for South Africa

Outdoor Perimeter Alarm installation

Rated Best Solution for South Africa – Why wait till they at your window to know they there!

Feel Safe At Home and Know Whats Going On While Travelling

Perimeter protection through motion detection is an important element of any burglar alarm. These systems can be installed inside, outside or even in both areas of your property.

Integrating motion detectors to your perimeter protection system will make your home and other properties more secure. Modern security systems can also be customized to function intelligently, saving more energy and resources.

Motion detectors vary depending on the range of detection. Some devices can detect motion within a foot or two, while others can cover as huge as 25  square meters. Other devices can detect motion through walls, while some may require a sightline to the moving subject.

Castle Security’s approach to intruder alarms systems ensures that your security solution is user-friendly, simple, trouble free and effective at protecting your family, your possessions, your home, your personal information and your assets.

Electronic security systems benefit from 24-hour support and regular servicing ensures that your system continues to comply with your insurance conditions. This attention reduces downtime, maintains performance and helps equipment give longer service.

We recommend Opex sensors as over the years we found that paradox  and other cheaper sensors create too many false alarms  and also do not work in the harsh environment  in South Africa


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